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Obsessed with fine detail, frontal perpendicularity, vehicles, and general decadence, the pictures featured on this website are just a matter of simple serendipity.

I would like to pretend I am a contemporary artist who meticulously prepared every shot and story, but my workflow is just improvised, every image is only a coincidence, the clash of my obsessions and a recall of some trip.

I am a coward version of Steve McCurry mixed with a shabby Stephen Shore.

Gazillions of new pictures and series are being selected and will be uploaded by my team of slaves here soon.

Based in Barcelona but deeply attached to my previous life in Tokyo.

If interested in any picture for commercial or press use,
please get in touch with me.

Most pictures taken with Mamiya 7II and Sigma DP Merrill cameras, for some smartphone stuff check out my:

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Big files for your pleasure, please enjoy but don't steal.
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This guy is not me, but I did take the picture.

Location Based ( Many more to come )


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